This post is going to be a guest article, written by the people as Squirrelz, a very unique company selling beautiful hand crafted goods with positive social and environmental impacts. 
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Eden Jewelry Provides A Brighter And Safer Future For Rescued Women

Eden Jewelry upcycles jewelry for a good cause

When we reached out to Brittany and told her about Eden Jewelry, she was eager to support such a good cause. Eden Jewelry began in 2003 when two housewives became intent on helping the women caught in the wheels of human trafficking and red light districts in their city. They began to reach out to people within the industry, both the victims, and perpetrators. Twelve years later, Eden has established multiple shelters in the major trafficking hubs of Asia and changed the lives of thousands within Asia's sex industry. How? Eden does not only rescue women from their abusive environments, they also provide them with a fair wage occupation, designing and crafting some of the most beautiful and positive jewelry ever made.

Eden Jewelry - Change the World necklace
This colorful piece of Eden Jewelry supports a good cause with a natural, beautiful and meaningful look.

Each purchase of these beautiful pieces assists the organization in helping more women have brighter futures, with a fair wage occupation in a safe environment. But it's not like you'd need an excuse to buy Eden Jewelry. Every single necklace, earring and bracelet speaks for itself. Because of their focus on product diversity and comfort, Eden Jewelry has a collection that's like no other: designs come from the Eden organization and even those rescued themselves! By learning the craft of jewelry making, these women saved can start a new life creating beauty: classic jewelry with a personal touch.

Falling Leaves Necklace
The Falling Leaves Necklace from Eden is not just a good cause, it's a stunning piece of handmade jewelry.

Nightcluster Earrings
Shimmering beauty on your ears for a good cause with Eden JewelryĆ¢€™s Nightcluster Earrings.

The vast majority of women in the sex industry did not choose the life they were forced into. They were tricked by deception, or their naivety was abused. Each piece of jewelry from Eden comes with a story about one of the women rescued. Both heartbreaking and inspirational, these stories show the impact a simple purchase has on the lives of so many girls. Eden has taken it upon themselves to help them in all ways possible. Profits from jewelry sales have already paid for the learning of trade skills, healthcare, and their children's education. Even the act of creating these lovely pieces has had a profound therapeutic effect on the new artists. One thing is clear, though: Eden Jewelry is not just a feel-good purchase, but a beautiful package and cause worth supporting.

Unity Bracelet
This Unity Bracelet displays stark pearl beauty for a good cause, made by the women of Eden Jewelry.

Eden Jewelry's handmade jewelry directly supports women rescued from the Red Light District.

Sales from Eden Jewelry help to sustain Eden's hard and life changing work for thousands of women.

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